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This first RESET frame is what we'll call a 24" specific stunt bike.

If you like to have fun with your bike through techy riding, trials if you will, street if that's what you prefer, we think both styles complete each other at some point and this frame sits RIGHT AT this particular point, which in our books, is all about fun.

Based on our experience as trials and park riders, we were looking for a frame that would feel really techy and nervous, that spins like a top, and it also had to be extremely well balanced.

There was no «What's trendy?» or «What sells?"» behind this frame project. It simply was «What works bests and what do we want?"... Because this was - by no means - intended to become the benchmark of such a fun adventure.

Reset 24" Complete Bike White

We wanted a real «genuine» product, with no compromise at all in it's design, in the materials or in the fabrication. We wanted it to be the lightest, strongest and stiffest possible, so we worked in this direction...


It all really kicked off when we started seeing and working on this frame project from the 24" wheel size up.

Keeping in mind that pushing beyond the standards of originality and quality is what leads to an evolution (and we should all keep in mind that this applies to anything) put us through enough thinking to finally come up with what we considered to be a great final product.

The reaction to our first sample frames was amazing, and what initially was just supposed to be a one-off custom frame project idea suddenly appeared to be successfully taking its own spot right in between what the industry sees as 2 very specific, different, and competitive markets : trials riding, and the street scene.

That's how we came up with what is - as far as we know - the very first and still the only 100% North American made 24" specific stunt bike.

Reset 24" Frame White

The result is a really light, super stiff yet plenty strong frame that makes a really fun techy-street bike, and which, set up with a different bar/stem combo, turns into an amazingly fun and nervous trials bike. Nothing's really radical, but as a whole, we think it's very well tuned and balanced. That's what amazes people when they look at the frame or step on the bike for the first time... Even to most «non-trials rider», it does feel pretty good right off.


First, we'd like people to understand we designed this frame just like a high end road or BMX bike, race specific DH bike, or a pure competition product. No fast produced easily done cheap labour affordable mass market stuff.

Reset 24" Frame White

As far as geometry goes, we're looking at a 1020-1050mm wheelbase, depending on fork rake. Chainstays are 385mm, with vertical dropouts. With a 400mm fork, head angle is 73°, and the BB shell is raised at +20mm. The frame can take a 160mm rear disc brake, or V's.

RESET  frames are 100% handcrafted here in Canada by Dobermann Fabrication and made of TrueTemper's OX Platinum premium tubesets. They are the lightest, greatest cromoly alloy tubes available on the market right now, with an Ultimate Tensile Strength reaching beyond 200ksi & up to 185ksi in Yield Strength - (That's up to 3 times greater than the average Taiwanese steel, and even much greater when compared to any aluminum alloy).

What that means is an OX Platinum RESET frame has a much greater fatigue life, a greater tolerance to stress, and a remarquable strength to weight ratio, at just 4.4lbs.

However, this doesn't mean it's unbreakable. Don't ask us how strong it is or how long it will last you, we have yet to see a broken frame, but then again, we just *officially* released them and those who already ride one are not known as "frame breakers".





If there is no dealer in your area, you can contact us directly. You can ask your favorite dealer to order one for you if you feel safer that way.

Retail price for the frame is $850.00CAN

Before thinking that's expensive, keep in mind OX tubesets are some of the highest quality there is. If you do some research you'll quickly realize an handmade TrueTemper OX Platinum frame in the 3digits is really agressively priced.

If you're overseas and there's no distributor in your country, email us we'll see how we can work something out for you.


Frames are currently available in FIRE ORANGE / MOODY BLUE / FUDGE BROWN / STEALTH BLACK. (You can click pics for a larger view.)

Sticker color options? Tell us what you'd like and that's what we'll do.

Reset Bike 24" frame Fire Orange
Reset Bike 24" frame Moody Blue
Reset Bike 24" frame Fudge Brown
Reset Bike 24" frame Stealth Black


Unwrap it and make sure it's perfect... or as perfect as it can be ;)

We do face headtubes and BB shells, but it cannot be a bad thing to double check someone else's work before building the bike up.

Headtube is 1.125" x 4.5"
BB Shell is 68mm
Seatpost size is ø27.2 and seatclamp size is ø28.6.
IMPORTANT : The seattube is thin, some seatclamps have a thick lip. Make sure the lip isn't too thick as it would not tighten the tube itself completely, and would rather put pressure on your seatpost instead.


AHHH - Our favorite part of all !

We could start by saying we certainly won't use a warranty policy as a sales argument. That's just ridiculous.

Even though this doesn't mean we want to choose who can ride it and who can't, we certainly won't recommend this frame for a beginner who doesn't have the skills to properly use it, or even appreciate the product, and in the same way, if you have a background of breaking frames, we might suggest you stay away from this product.

It was designed as a lightweight stunt bike. Just like what a KOXX frame is to trials riding, or what an Intense frame is to DH Racing. If used properly, none of these frames would fail for no reason.

We definitely won't let a rider down if something ever happened. But on the other end, we're not gonna bite it because some people used our product for something it's not intended for, or simply used it carelessly. We know we have a very good quality product, but from the time we leave it to a rider, it's just impossible to know how he rides it and what he does with it...

This is not a dirt jump frame and it is not the weapon of choice for the concrete ledge weekend grinders.

Generally speaking, anything more than a "50/50" warranty, which stands for "50 seconds or 50 feet from the shop", should be considered a gift when we're talking about these kind of products, and 90 days is quite standard, and fair, in our opinion.

Realistically, 1 good month of riding should be long enough for any "manufacturer's defect" to be noticed or to cause failure of the frame, if it has to happen. And 12-18 months would be quite as long as you should expect a stunt bike frame's lifetime to be if you ride on a regular basis.

We can definitly see a Reset frame lasting well over 2 years, but we certainly won't back our frames for so long since we know very well some people could go through one on of these MUCH faster than that.

All that to come down to this : We decided to offer a 6 months warranty period during which a broken frame will be replaced at no charge. That's from the original date of purchase, to the original owner. and if the damage is not the result of excessive, abusive or careless use, a crash or accident, or structural or mechanical modification.

On a side note : You can easily protect your chainstays with rubber from an old tube, and your downtube with half a PVC pipe, sticky Velcro™ strips and tie wraps, both are cheap options and work very well...


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